Educational Workshops

Education is core to your financial success, so we have developed a number of educational workshops to meet your specific needs. Ready to be one step closer to financial success? Contact us today about setting up an educational workshop. 

Retirement Planning

  • A New Way to Extend Retirement Savings - Covers how qualifying longevity annuity contracts allow individuals to extend retirement savings and defer a portion of RMDs. 

  • Getting the Most from Social Security - Discusses how your benefits are calculated, options for taking them and strategies to maximize your benefits.

  • Hello, Retirement! - For those getting ready to retire, we will discuss estimating retirement expenses and income, paying for healthcare, turning savings into income and creating a spending plan.

  • Live Your Best Life: Creating Income for Your Retirement - This workshop is focused on retirement income strategies. It simplifies three common withdrawal strategies so you have a better understanding of the importance of creating a retirement income strategy, the pros and cons of the different strategies and what might work for you. 

  • Medicare: What You Don't Know and What it Could Cost You - We will talk about why Medicare planning is a critical component of your retirement plan, the nuts and bolts of Parts A, B, C and D, and how to make better-informed decisions. 

  • Your Life and Your Money in Retirement - For those at the moment of retirement, two years away, currently transitioning to or even living in retirement, we will highlight strategies and action steps retirees can take to feel more confident transitioning to retirement, and we will emphasize the importance of striking a balance between guaranteed and non-guaranteed products. 

Financial Planning

  • Debt Reduction - Discusses the "real" cost of one's debt and how it can be taken control of in order to have more for retirement savings. 

  • Financial Wellness - Provides tips on how to improve your financial well-being.

  • Protect What Matters Most: Life Insurance Made Simple - We will help you better understand life insurance, how it can help you protect what matters most and put you on a path to a more secure future. 

  • Taking a Financial Selfie - Provides an introductory look at strategies you can use to help meet financial goals.

  • Women and Finances - Offers strategies for managing cash flow and debt, saving and investing for the future, and protecting what matters most. 

  • Workplace Financial Wellness (for employees) - Highlights how employees can maximize employer-provided benefits, plan for their financial futures and protect against the unexpected. 

Business Planning

  • Business Succession Planning - Provides business owners with tips for successfully transitioning out of their business.

  • Solutions to Business Owner Challenges - Provides business owners with strategies for protecting their business, their employees and their lifestyle. 

  • Strategies to Help Solve Your Key Employee Challenges - Highlights the advantages of key employee benefits and key person insurance.

  • Why Your Business Value Matters - Explains why it's vital for business owners to have a current business valuation.

Estate Planning

  • 10 Keys to Estate Planning - Provides individuals with 10 keys to creating a well-rounded estate plan. 

  • Agribusiness: Define Your Legacy - Uses industry statistics and case studies to explain the four areas of planning and how our products and services can help you transition your agricultural operations.

  • Special Needs Planning - Walks you through strategies to help secure the financial future of a loved one with special needs.